APRIL 2018–Artistic Residency at Weir Farm National Historic Site

I had the unique opportunity to spend a month, living and working on the grounds of the farm and home of American Impressionist painter, J. Alden Weir, in Wilton, CT.  For the month of April, 2018, Weir Farm National Historic Site became my home. The staff of the park and the volunteers of the Weir Farm Art Center welcomed me into a creative community and provided me with the time and space in which to work.

So much of what we, as painters and makers of things do, is fired and inspired by our sense of place.  For the landscape painter, the process of capturing and recreating a place begins with our experience of it.  A walk in the woods, a view from a  boat, the curve of a country lane, even the blur of a row of trees speeding by a car window on the freeway–all these experiences can inspire us to try and hold onto something. Because for me, that is what painting does. It allows me to linger a little longer in a place.

During the residency, I completed a three foot by three foot painting entitled, “Vernal Pool,”  (shown at left below) as well as three smaller paintings inspired by the landscape and grounds of the historic farm.  The 6″ x 6″ painting, “Fern Study,” (below right) was a color study done in preparation for the Vernal Pool painting.

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